Children First

October 4, 2017 by Sue McArthur

Children First

Are you going through a separation from your partner? Do you both truly wish to put your children first but are really not sure how to go about it without falling out when you talk about it?

Have you heard of the Collaborative Process? In the Collaborative Process we work with you and your partner to put your children first in any dispute that you may have whether it be about child arrangements and the time that the children spend with each of you, or where you are trying to work out your financial matters to ensure that each of you is able to have a home for the children.

In the Collaborative Process you choose 2 specially trained Collaborative Lawyers to work with you both to try and reach solutions that work for your family and your children. Your family is unique and so you need a solution that works for both of you and your children.

The Process allows you to find creative solutions that work for you and your children. Your solution maybe totally different from any of your friends or other families that you know but that doesn’t matter. Your solution should work for your children no matter how unusual it may be.

Take the plunge – put your children first – come along and see a Collaborative Family Lawyer to start the ball rolling.

Sue McArthur