Collaborative Team Work

March 2, 2017 by Fiona Ryans

Collaborative Team Work – in Praise of  the Collaborative Process

Collaborative law clients are often able to secure fair and reasonable settlement of all the family and financial matters associated with their separation or divorce.  Moreover, by working together, both with the benefit of skilled professional support, they can build the foundations of a respectful post-separation relationship (that, ideally, values their shared past) that will assist them and those close to them to move on positively into the future.

Use of the Collaborative Process also brings significant benefits to the practitioner.  The involvement of family consultants and independent financial advisors brings a broader perspective that is likely to result in a more holistic service….and good levels of client satisfaction.

Collaborative teamwork amongst Professionals can be both a supportive and satisfying experience all round. It can enable the family lawyer to strike an exquisite balance, between identifying and working towards their client’s best interest, whilst practising within a non-adversarial and multi-disciplinary process with other like-minded Professionals. Such experience is likely, in turn, to contribute both to practitioner skill  base and individual wellbeing.

So it can be said, with some confidence, that the development of the Collaborative Process stands to benefit clients and practitioners alike!

Brian Cantwell

Family Consultant

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