Family Consultants

Family Consultants In Collaborative Practice

Family consultants are usually therapists or counsellors with a background in helping adults and/or children who are going through a separation process. They may be psychologists, family mediators, counsellors or have other specialised training in working with adults/children within the family context.

The consultants can be brought into the collaborative process by representative lawyer to help you and/or your partner work out and articulate what you want and to help with ways to improve communication. Further support is offered to help reduce conflict, to develop coping strategies for dealing with the emotional issues that may affect you, your partner and the wider family, now and in the future, and to help everyone to move on.

Family consultants may also work with children, seeing them separately in appropriate cases, helping them to voice their thoughts, feelings, needs and concerns.

Drawing on the Team work ethos of the Process the Consultants are also able to be part of and often lead the meetings between the parties and the lawyers. This can be of tremendous benefit to all involved especially if progress is being hampered by emotional issues.

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