Keep It Out of Court

March 27, 2017 by Sue McArthur

Keep it out of Court

Can you separate or divorce and keep it out of court? Yes – with the Collaborative Process you can and you can find a fair and lasting settlement. You can agree what you put in a Divorce Petition or what the terms of your separation will be. You can agree what time your children will spend with each of you in a focused and amicable way.

About 45% of marriages end in divorce these days with one in three children experiencing parental separation before they are 16.

Not surprisingly the breakdown of a relationship can have a significant impact on the physical and mental health of all those involved.  This is not necessarily limited to the couple and their children but can extend across their wider network of family and friends.  Concentration and performance at work and school is often adversely affected too with approximately 10 million working days lost each year through stress and depression.

Until a few years ago, the options for separating couples were limited and often increased, rather than minimised, animosity.  If matters could not be resolved between the couple’s solicitors, the only other option was court.

Now there are a variety of routes available and Resolution, the national organisation for family lawyers, is promoting these alternatives. Lots of information can be found on Twitter at as well as on their website

One of those options is Collaborative Practice – how to divorce or separate in a constructive and co operative way and keep it out of court -and it works!

Discuss this with your partner as an option and then contact one of our members to discuss further.

If your partner is unsure download our free Process Interview Voucher and suggest that they go and speak to one of our members on a no obligation and no cost basis.

At all costs keep it out of court and under your control.