Sue McArthur

EMG Solicitors

Croft House, High Street Gosforth Newcastle upon Tyne

Tel: 0191 5006989


I became a Resolution Collaborative Family Lawyer in 2005. I did the training as I have always had an interest in the resolution of family disputes without the necessity of a court imposed solution. I truly believe that that the couple involved should be the ones in control of how their issues are resolved but I also believe that they will always need some element of specialist legal advice, assistance and guidance to get them to where they need to be.

As well as being a Collaborative Family Lawyer I am also a Family Mediator and a Resolution Accredited Specialist in relation to Finances on Divorce and Cohabiting Couples.

I will speak to prospective clients on the telephone on a no obligation/no cost initial basis and I am also part of the Voucher Scheme operated by the Group where I can discuss with a potential client whether Collaborative is the right process for them. The Voucher can be downloaded from the website.