Positive Starts

October 2, 2017 by Sue McArthur

Positive Starts

Wouldn’t it be good if all issues we discussed began with positive starts? When it comes to relationship breakdown that can seem an impossible wish. Is there a process that can help us with those Positive Starts?

Well actually, yes there is.

The Collaborative Process allows couples who are going through a relationship breakdown, or indeed  couples who want to begin their relationship, with an agreement such as a Cohabitation Agreement or a Pre Nuptial Agreement, to have positive starts.

We work together as  a Team, that right from the beginning strives to achieve an outcome that works for both of you. We pull together not apart.

We work with other Professionals such as Family Consultants and Financial Advisors who can assist couples with the non legal issues that often arise in discussions around the Table.

Are you one of those couples who want a good foundation to the discussions regarding the Family issues that you have?

Come and see if the Collaborative Process is for you; we are sure that you will find the positive start that you are looking for.

Sue McArthur