Separation and Summer Time Blues

June 16, 2017 by Sue McArthur

Separation in Summer Time

We always hope that summer will be a period of hot sunny days and time spent relaxing with the family. Whilst we cannot guarantee the weather in England, we can be sure that by the end of the summer holidays parents are often exhausted from caring for their children whilst juggling work commitments. Lawyers see separation in summer time often because the stresses and strains on relationships are often highlighted, particularly so, at the end of the annual family holiday.

Like the Post Christmas lull, separation in summer time is unfortunately a common thread as the summer holiday season often forces people to spend time together which makes them realise they are not happy in their relationships. Holidays which are supposed to be a time of happiness and relaxation can often be the exact opposite. At the end of the holiday, people have sometimes reached the conclusion that they would rather separate from their partner than experience another stressful and unhappy time.

Choosing your lawyer
It is important to have confidence and trust in the divorce lawyer representing you. Going through a divorce is a sensitive and emotional time and you will be discussing the personal details of your marriage, so it is important to build a trusting working partnership. Collaborative lawyers are specially trained to deal with you in a constructive and sensitive way to ensure that your needs and those of your partner are met to ensure a fair and lasting settlement. You can discuss all aspects of your matter in the Collaborative Process with your solicitor, whether it is ensuring that your divorce runs as smoothly as possible and in order to minimise stress, any concerns in relation to children and what is likely to be a fair and reasonable financial settlement.

Going through Divorce and Separation in Summer Time or any other time is upsetting and everybody recovers at their own pace. It helps to have supportive friends and family at this time and to build up a network of support.

Natalia Lalas is a Collaborative Family Lawyer at EMG Solicitors.

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