June 6, 2017 by Julia Middleton

A recent survey has found that the average cost of a divorce amounts to £43,958 with each couple spending approximately £21,979. Of course everybody knows that divorce is an expensive process but what perhaps is a less publicised cost is the emotional cost of a family breaking down.  Contentious Court proceedings and the acrimony that they entail means that children’s relationships with their parents are often damaged as they are caught in the fall out and couples that need to be able to co-parent their children in the future can barely look at each other let alone communicate and co-operate for the sake of their children.  Using a non-confrontational process such as collaborative law which is designed to help couples separate without Court proceedings being issued means that not only do you stay in control of your costs but that hopefully the emotional fall out will be less severe as couples are encouraged to work collaboratively with each other together with the assistance of their lawyers to reach a solution that works for the whole family.  Clients are encouraged to use their time productively and access the right resources.  Lawyers are there to provide legal advice and expertise but they can also call in family consultants to help with emotional issues and problems which can often help matters to be resolved more swiftly and more productively meaning that there is less of a financial and emotional cost to the couple.  Collaborative law recognises that it is essential to keep dialogue open between a separated couple in order to resolve all issues that arise upon a divorce and your lawyers will work with you to help achieve this.  So if you want to avoid the large legal bills associated with fighting a matter through the Courts then contact a collaborative lawyer to discuss the alternative options that are available to you.