Truly Global

October 5, 2017 by Sue McArthur

Truly Global

The Collaborative Process is a truly global phenomenon. What started as an American Idea is now truly global with families and lawyers and other Family Professionals from all around the world working together to achieve the best results for families with issues that require solving without going to court.

In addition the truly global nature of the process means that we can work with you even if one or both of you live outside the UK but are able to deal with matters according to  the English Legal System, or if you live in different areas of the country.

The Technology that exists today can allow us to communicate locally, nationally or globally by telephone, by Skype, by FaceTime and by email – to name but a few!

So you and your lawyer can be in one office and your partner in another office either with their lawyer or connected remotely to them. We work with you to work out a way that will work for you. We are truly flexible.

Are you struggling to find a solution and you think that Collaborative may be the answer?

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Sue McArthur