Welcome To Our Website

June 29, 2012 by Sue McArthur

Welcome to our new website and our blog.  We also have a new Twitter account.

Collaborative Family Law North East is a large group of Collaborative Family Lawyers and Family Consultants based in the North East of England.

Collaborative Family Law is a way of resolving issues around divorce and separation without going to Court. It involves the separating couple sitting down around the table with professional support from their specially trained Collaborative Lawyers and Family Consultants to work out the best solution for their family.

We will be explaining some of the benefits of Collaborative Family Law in more detail in this blog. We will be also be inviting different members of our group to contribute posts and explore some of the latest developments in our area of the law.

Whether you are looking to find a Collaborative Family Lawyer or are one yourself and are interested in joining our group please do not hesitate to get in touch.