What is Collaborative Family Law?

A process which enables you and your former partner to achieve a mutually agreeable and lasting solution without going through court.

  • You will have the support, advice and guidance of specially trained collaborative family lawyers and other professionals such as family consultants and financial professionals. We all commit at the outset to work together as a team to help you resolve the issues you are facing
  • Discussions take place in meetings, where you will both have your collaborative family lawyer by your side. The common goal is to reach a settlement which best meets the needs of the whole family, putting the interests of any children first

Why choose Collaborative Family Law?

  • Collaborative family law lays the foundation for you and your partner to communicate with each other more effectively – crucially important if you are to maintain a good co-parenting relationship
  • You and your partner stay in control of the decision making so that you can make the right choices for your family
  • You make a commitment at the outset to avoid court and work together constructively, respectfully, openly and honestly to resolve the issues you need to deal with
  • Your lawyers and other professionals will work with you to identify what’s really important for your family, rather than allowing you to get stuck in fixed negotiating positions, as would often happen in court proceedings. As a result you are much more likely to reach an agreed outcome that you can both live with.
  • The no court commitment means that negotiations cannot be destabilised by threats like “See you in Court!”
  • The Collaborative process is flexible, allowing you to choose the issues you want to discuss. Meetings can be arranged at a time and pace to suit you. This often means that you can resolve issues more quickly than if you go through Court.

How do I find out more about Collaborative Family Law?

You can see how the process works here.

If these are things important to you, why not give one of our specially trained collaborative lawyers a call to find out more?